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Classical situation: you are leaving for work, your pet stays at home alone and you are already scared of finding your shoes chewed up and your neighbors angry with all day listening to unbearable barking and howling ...



However, the solution is so simple! If you don’t want to leave your dog alone, you can bring him to our DOG-SCHOOL! In our school, we will teach your dog how to spent his/her time without you and your dog will also learn how to get along with others and will be well socialized as well. If you are interested in, we offer you a help with a basic training of your dog. We will do anything to be sure that your dog enjoyed all day at school.


Lots of fun and new friends are waiting for your pet in DOG-SCHOOL! If we meet a good bunch, we go for a walk somewhere on the edge of town. Otherwise, of course, the morning and afternoon walking are guaranteed and other activities (exercise balls, miniagility ...) to provide a maximum of enjoyment for your dog.


The undeniable advantage of DOG-ZONE is a limited number of dogs which means that there always will be just as many dogs, as we can adequately take care of.


Photos from DOG-ZONE you can find HERE.


Opening hours:

Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30 - 18:00   
* In case of later pick up we will charge an additional day of stay.


For order call 775 103 013 or write

Advance ordering is necessary!


Price list:

 1 day in school  500 CZK
 3 hours in school  300 CZK


Conditions of staying in the school:

- Dogs must be clinically healthy (without symptoms), with valid vaccination

- Puppies from two months 


We don’t accept:

- Aggressive and uncontrolled dogs

- Bitches in heat