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It doesn’t end with guarding; we take care for your dog at all aspects!


We offer bathing and blow-drying of dogs. In the morning you leave him in DOG-ZONE and in the evening you pick up a brand new dog... For the most “pigs” is possible to order a comb of tangled and matted fur.


Price list:

 Bathing and blow-drying - small breeds (up to 40 cm)  350 CZK
 Bathing and blow-drying - large breeds (over 40 cm)  450 CZK
 Combing out - small breeds (up to 40 cm)  300 CZK
 Combing out - small breeds (over 40 cm)  400 CZK





DOG WELLNESS isn’t just for cleansing the body but also the mind. To promote physical and mental well-being of your pet we offer a new therapeutic aroma massages and baths.


Aromatherapy is a gentle but effective way to get into the body of dog beneficial natural substances (essential oils). The aim of aromatherapy is to treat a dog, or eliminate symptoms of the disease or disorder. Very important is the role of aromatherapy in the area of ​​prevention.


Aroma massage

- For healthy skin and coat, anti-shedding

- Against itching and allergy

- Against fear and anxiety


Aroma bath

- For a romantic fragrance and calming

- For healthy skin and coat, anti-shedding

- To strengthen immunity

- Against ticks, fleas and insects

- For the healthy development of the puppies 

Price list:

 Aroma massage  120 CZK

 Aroma bath (paid with bathing and blow-drying according to the size
 of the dog)

 + 80 CZK

* We work with products “Dokonalá láska”. Not suitable for dogs with liver or heart deseases!